Who Let the Dogs Out? Starring Hillary Clinton

Who let the dogs out2

Annoy Hillary! #SHARE the hell out of this video!  It’s always fun to have a laugh at the expense of one of our enemies, and inevitably each one of them will eventually open their big mouths and insert their feet all the way up to their “hoohah.” That was the case not long ago with Madame Hilliary. At one of her campaign events, she began barking like a dog.

Hindsight it seems, is always 20/20 and from what the pundits have been telling us, she desperately regrets that incident. Too bad, so sad because one of her critics seized upon the event and decided to make a hilarious video out of it. We present to you the results here. It has also been brought to our attention that Hillary would desperately like to see not only the video of her barking like a dog removed from the Internet, but she would like to see this version removed as well. We’re here to tell you it ain’t gonna happen! We’ve got it downloaded in MP4, so once they are successful in scrubbing it from YouTube, we’ll just upload it again and keep it going. #hahahahahahaha!

We trust you will laugh raucously as everybody else has since viewing the video the very first time. Enjoy!

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