Wild Bill for America: American Militias Rising

Firearms salesman of the year

America needs her militias and Texas is launching a program to professionalize militias all across the nation!” ~William Finlay

The communist left wing in America wants more than anything to deprive us of our God-given right to protect and defend ourselves from their totalitarian overtures. There is nothing covert about it. Hillary Clinton has overtly stated that she wants to take away our right to keep and bear arms. Why? Because it is the FIRST THING a communist regime does when they take control of a country.

Barack Hussein Obama has tried multiple times to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, only to become the top firearms salesman every year he has been in the office of POTUS.  It is HIGH TIME we re-educated America. Wake UP, America! 

Beginning in December 2008, Obama has single-handedly become the top firearms salesman in the world, but especially here at home. In the month of December 2008 ALONE, knowing that Obama and his left-wing gun grabbers would attempt to stop firearms from being manufactured and sold, law-abiding American gun owners purchased more firearms and ammunition than would be required to arm and provision the ENTIRE Indian Army, which is considered to be the third largest army in the world. It is estimated that law-abiding American gun owners also own somewhere near 20 TRILLION rounds of ammunition.

Add to this the FACT that since that time, gun manufacturers have not been able to keep up with the demand, nor have ammunition manufacturers been able to keep up with the demand for ammunition in almost every caliber, but particularly in the popular NATO caliber favorites. Not to worry, however. If Obama attempts to forcefully deploy NATO (mostly U.S. troops) as well as UN troops (also mostly U.S. troops) to confiscate our weaponry, you will see the beginning of the next American Revolution. Like it or not, NATO will become our supplier. How is that? We already outnumber the U.S. Armed forces 60 to 1.

The American citizenry is bar none, the LARGEST army in the world with over 150 MILLION legal owners of firearms and ammunition. Obama is daft if he thinks it is even possible to overcome an army that size. And we are here to tell you than our armed forces will NOT turn their guns on the American people. Perhaps a very small percentage may TRY, but they will become cannon fodder. (Yes, the American people have cannons, too.) That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment.

Add to the initial arms sales explosion the last Black Friday sales in 2015, and you have the makings for a successful REVOLUTION. Enough guns and ammunition were sold on Black Friday 2015 to arm and provision the entire United States Marine Corps. Are you beginning to get the picture?

American Militias Rising

Meet The Truth about GUN CONTROL.

Message FROM the Militia to Civilians: STAY STRONG STAND FIRM & UNITED!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sheepdog?

The most dangerous force on earth is 150 Million armed Americans with everything to lose as the future of their children hangs in the balance.


Citizen Rules of Engagement
Any action, by anyone, from anywhere, that violates a citizen’s Constitutional Rights, as originally written and ratified, whether by threat or actual force of arms, and done so without due process, shall be considered an unlawful act of life threatening aggression and assault and appropriate self defense measures may be undertaken.

Join and support your local militia. If you cannot find one, START ONE. There are multiple national organizations who can advise you the legal way to go about it.

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