Militia Saber Rattling: Militias have come out in support of police NATIONWIDE

Lightfoot Militia

(With the possible exception of the FBI)

Effective yesterday, in light of murderous acts of anarchy in Texas and elsewhere in the country, militias across the country are coming out in support of local police and sheriff departments. Unknown to most, this has always been the policy of the militia, they are only reiterating their commitment to stand ready if these agencies need back-up.

In the past, the militias have worked with the FBI, but after numerous back-stabbing events by these cowardly windbags, that has become a thing of the past. FBI Director Comey will tell you that he’s a Republican, a conservative; but I’m here to tell you he is not. He’s a lap dog for whomever signs his paycheck. He needs to grow a pair, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon. The militias stand firm behind any law enforcement agency who observes the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution.

Message from the Militia to Civilians

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