Should We Send Illegal Mexican Aliens Home? Who are the Real Racists?


croatia-beautiful-beaches-wallpaper-4Why do liberals act like it’s such a mean racist thing to say that we should send illegal Mexicans back to Mexico? What’s wrong with Mexicans living in Mexico?

Isn’t that really a racist statement to imply that the country of Mexico is so undesirable that we would need to help those Mexicans come to our much better country here in America? I mean, isn’t Mexico a land of great tradition and culture, of fantastic people groups, of fine arts, education, and science and technology?


Shouldn’t Americans even look forward to the possibility of living in Mexico themselves someday if they could be so lucky? We really shouldn’t judge a whole culture because of a few criminal drug cartels, should we? After all, we have our own criminals right here in America, right?

Colorful-Town-Guanajuato-Mexico-e1430245773377So, I just think it is so racist to imply that an entire country is so bad that we should entice people to leave their country and come to the evil empire here in America, right? I mean, our values are so artificial and we are actually poor in the meaningful things of life. We shouldn’t judge poverty as undesirable. That is racist. Those people in Mexico may have a lower per capita income, but they are so rich in spirit and love, right? What right do we have to entice such a wonderful people group to desert their beautiful homeland by enticing them with our decadent American materialism. It’s almost like we are ripping apart and destroying a developed culture by changing their values to focus on American style materialism .

I absolutely refuse to be a racist!

Frankly, I REFUSE TO BE A RACIST. I refuse to degrade the entire country of Mexico. I refuse to try to impose our American imperialist values on our neighbor. I will stand tall and proclaim that we can stand up for the illegal Mexicans among us, and send them back to their wonderful land.  And for anyone that would say that Mexico is a bad place for Mexicans, I would say, “Don’t be such a racist!”


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