Guns for Yee, But Not for Thee: One law for us, another for you

Leland Yee gun trafficking
California’s legislative hypocrisy is a failure of democracy. California Governor Jerry Brown’s idea of equality runs the gamut right up there with former California Congressman Leland Yee, who in 2006 was rated A+ by the Brady Campaign, a national gun grab group. In 2014, Yee was arrested by the FBI for trafficking in firearms and it remains to be seen that his shady deals may have been instrumental in the Muslim Maguindanao Massacre. Anyone who has been following Jerry Brown’s drivel will note that he believes that only the elite (like him) should be allowed unfettered access to high powered rifles and guns.
Defined any other way, you could say that Brown follows the Nazi and Communist ideology of zero tolerance of guns in the hands of the peasantry. After all, criminals like Brown prefer unarmed victims, just as did Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and Chairman Mao and a host of other dictators. What begs to be answered is how these elected fools can think that the citizenry is ignorant to their shenanigans? Granted, their brainwashed useful idiots will believe anything they are told, but the rest of us refuse to believe their revisionist history.
I find myself shaking my head at the ignorance of the millenial generation, all the while realizing it isn’t entirely their fault. Why not? Because it has been a part of the plan of the NEA for decades. The National Education Association (NEA) has purposefully and intentionally dumbed-down an entire generation of children before our very eyes, and WE LET THEM DO IT!
Once we rid ourselves of the Liberal scourge, we need to backtrack as a nation, re-school that generation in history and purposefully fire every educator that has been complicit in this conspiracy, because yes it is an outright conspiracy and look at the effect of it. Further stated socialism/communism needs to be outlawed and considered criminal. Its’ track record during the 20th century is clearly delineated as a failure, why would we want it again? You cannot expect to do the same thing the same way over and over and over again and get different results.
Guns for me but not for thee?
Guns for Yee but not for thee?
Yee headed for prison for gun trafficking
Large scale hypocrisy





Large scale hypocrisy: business as usual with the American left wing

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