Who’s your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy, Chelsea?
Who's Your Daddy, Chelsea?

Another skeleton in Hillary’s closet is coming back to haunt her… It appears Chelsea Clinton’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. Hubbell was a law partner at Rose Law Firm with Hillary, and became one of the most important Clinton-insiders.

Then-Governor Clinton appointed Hubbell as Chief Justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court, but 10 years later he resigned before pleading guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion for overbilling clients. Hubbell served 15 months in prison.

We’ve known all about this for quite some time, but it is now gaining more traction in the public eye. Poor Chelsea. Her Mom has been about preaching about so-called, “white privilege” and extolling the virtues of not being on the public dole, only to be bizarrely aloof to the fact that the Clinton Foundation gave Chelsea a $600,000.00 salary working for NBC right out of college; with absolutely no practical experience in that line of work.

White privilege


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