From Our Friends at The United West: JERUSALEM JANE NEEDS YOUR HELP!

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From Our Friends at The United West: JERUSALEM JANE NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Almost five years ago, Jane “Jerusalem Jane” Kiel, an amazing Christian woman from Denmark moved to Jerusalem to be an advocate for Israel and a friend to Jewish people all around the country. For two years now, The United West has relied on Jane for very important news reports from the front lines in Israel. Jane has become our beloved correspondent who now has State-issued Press Credentials and has almost unlimited access to media events throughout the country. This is very important to our work in standing with Israel.

In light of all her hard work, Jane has been living on minimal donations for all these years, non-stop! Hey friends, Jerusalem Jane needs a vacation, a sabbatical, a break, some time off, to catch her breath, recharge her batteries, listen to God’s voice and return to Jerusalem with even more passion, power and commitment than before!

Please watch this conversation between Jane and Tom and make a generous donation to Jane and her work. We need to raise $7,000 dollars for Jane to take a month off, get some rest near her home in Europe then travel to the USA for a Christians Women’s Convention. Additionally, we need to cover all her expenses in Israel during this time.

All donations are tax deductible. Go here to make donations.


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