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Freddy Colon, New York Businessman
Freddy Colon, New York Businessman

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Vladimir Putin on western food and health trends
Vladimir Putin on western food and health trends

I have a friend who lives in the Big Apple, New York City. He was born and raised there and is a successful businessman. I really don’t know much about his educational background other than to say hes’s a rotten speller and his grammar needs some work. I’m not using this to put him down in any way, it’s just a statement of fact. You could say he’s a bit rough around the edges. Some people would call him uneducated, but here is a successful businessman with businesses on two coasts of these United States, whose knowledge and opinions are nothing short of eye-opening. I can think of another New Yorker who can be described similarly, and I’ll be voting for him for the office of President of The United States in November.

Freddy Colon, New York Businessman
Freddy Colon, New York Businessman

Freddy Colon is my friend and after reading one of his latest posts on Facebook, I felt compelled to post it here for a broader audience to read. His composition may not be academically acceptable, but his wisdom and knowledge supersede any rule that could be imposed by academia on a thesis. You the reader, are now benefiting from his knowledge. I’ve edited parts of his composition to bring it more into a grammatically  correct academic format:

“GMOs were not designed to increase crop production, (LIES) they were designed to destroy humankind. Like every single thing around you, they were created to break down your immune system and kill you either quickly or slowly. They carry 65% less nutrients than organic, and then, as a partner in this crime, they have given you microwave ovens. And what is a microwave oven? It is a particle accelerator (think CERN) that kills life forms. Meaning, that when you place food inside of one, it renders that food devoid of nutritional value. Almonds are one of the most powerful super-foods on this planet, so guess what? The US mandates that all are “pasteurized”. What does THAT mean? Pasteurized is a term coined to make you think of a field of clover, beautiful, green and organic. When in reality it means microwaved, or in short, dead. Microwave ovens produce radiation, and then uses that to “cook” your food.

Radiation doesn’t “cook” food, it destroys it. Your microwave oven…besides giving you cancer it is literally starving you to death. You can eat and eat until you are ready to burst, and even though the CALORIES are still there, the nutritional content isn’t. Then you look around and say “Why are Americans all 350 lbs and dying of diabetes?”.

Big wonder Russia BANNED microwave ovens in 1976 along with 30 other countries, and many, many more have BANNED GMOs. What does Russia know that you don’t? America, we need to Wake UP…we are the most naive, lazy, clueless people on this planet and that’s exactly why we’re the most diseased and sickened people on this planet. We are continuously being poisoned by our government in every way imaginable yet we continue to inject poisoned vaccines into our veins, drink fluoride daily, eat genetically modified foods etc.. Don’t you get it yet? We are slowly being killed and we walk around in this fricken haze-filled stupor not questioning anything! We are NOT supposed to be a sick race! We are being deliberately made to be a sick race! It’s time for us to Wake UP, America!

All things considered, it is high time the left-wingers started practicing what they preach as it relates to stereotyping and profiling anyone who doesn’t think like they do. Notwithstanding the words “think” and “Liberal” should ever appear in the same sentence, but I digress a little bit.

Have you ever noticed how the left-wingers, (Liberals, socialists, etc.,) scream to high heaven anytime anyone else profiles someone or anyone? It’s because profiling WORKS. It is what it is.

Just because a “New Yawker” sounds like a “New Yawker” doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent than some of the wisest leaders this country has ever had. Liberals can just put up or SHUT THE HELL UP!

Freddy has been and continues to be an awesome friend and patriot. Take heed, because I will be sharing much more of his knowledge here as the weeks go by. He’s not a writer, but perhaps I can pick up that end for him because on his end, his knowledge and intellect need to be shared with the whole county.

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