The latest Facebook Censorship of Christians

King of Kings
King of Kings

The photo you see above is from a post on a friend’s website about Bible prophecy. There is nothing particularly alarming or otherwise menacing about the photo or the link to the story, but when I posted it on a couple of groups on which I do not personally own on Facebook, I wasn’t allowed to continue and was sent a popup message that the message had been reported as “abusive.”

These people just can’t seem to ‘get it” that WE get it- their censorship and their hypocrisy considering some of the outright profanity and support for the left wing moonbats and for radical hateful Islam. You won’t see any Christians going around hacking peoples’ heads off or raping children; but that’s “OK” under radical Islam and we are supposed to be “tolerant” of it? I don’t think so. Here is what I posted, verbatim (word for word) just before receiving their warning:

THE MOON GOD: When Jesus Christ returns to this world at the Second Coming, Islam and all it’s deluded followers will be destroyed. Far from being anyone’s “slave”, Jesus Christ will return to rule the Earth from, not Mecca, but Jerusalem! The phony Palestinians will be driven out, and Israel will be the center of the world. What about the moon god Allah? He won’t even get an “honorable mention”.
I realize this is barely enough for a blog post such as this but it demonstrates the frustrations we Christian conservatives have to face in this extremely biased society we live in.  We seriously need more Christians with the means to set up a comparable social media site to Facebook. Several have tried, but have fallen short to the point no one seems to be interested in using anything else. The problem with this is the message it sends the owners of the very Liberal MSM (Mainstream Media) of “business as usual.”

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