Obama To Maryland Sheriff, “You Will Be First To Surrender Your Gun”

Obama and Wicomico County Maryland  Sheriff Mike Lewis
Obama and Wicomico County Maryland Sheriff Mike Lewis
“As long as I’m sheriff in this county I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of their right to bear arms. I can tell you this, if they attempt to do that it would be an all out civil war, no question about it,” states Wicomico County Maryland Sheriff, Mike Lewis.
After this Obama responded “You will be first to surrender your gun.”
Sheriff Lewis stated he’s been carrying a gun almost since he could walk, whether it be in hunting or in the course of his job as sheriff. He adamantly stated that guns are not a problem at all for law abiding citizens. It is his hands-on experience with guns that gives him his realistic, non-fear-based point of view on our Second Amendment, it is his integrity that makes him defend it.
Those are 2 characteristics too often lacking in law enforcement these days. Sheriffs are elected, so they are in line with our Constitution, just as Obama SHOULD BE, but isn’t because he has abrogated his Oath, which matter-of-factly is treason.  All other law enforcement are borne of a legislative process.
One citizen commented on another article reporting this incident that, “Obama does not realize that if a civil war broke out…he would be the greatest target in history…it would be because he provoked, caused, instigated and led a government against the people.”
The problem herein is that Obama already is the greatest target in American history as an illegally elected POTUS. The ONLY reason he hasn’t been assassinated yet is because the American people don’t want a race war. If he had been white, he either would have been impeached or assassinated by now. Obama is the most-protected POTUS in the history of our nation for that reason. Mark our words, if he tries anything more overtly tyrannical before his term is up, he will be the first to go, along with his entire cabinet, but it’s not just the Democrat socialists that will go, it will also be those Republicans who call themselves, “Progressives.” They are two wings of the same bird.



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10 Comments on Obama To Maryland Sheriff, “You Will Be First To Surrender Your Gun”

  1. I will defend my family and what is mine

    The two most powerful things give me that right



  2. this country is in deep trouble it needs all the people to save it or it will be gone forever it will be a nother Germany with a hilter at the helm. we need TRUMP and all his followers to bring our government and country back and our freedom once again restored fly our flag high and be the land of the free and the home of the brave. once agin

    • I agree with you, if people would drop politics and think just of the good of our country and just how much better it can be.
      I’ve always been one to believe the US should be run as a big business instead of by politicians who run it for personal gain.
      That’s why I think Trump has the advantage to better our country I believe he can do it.

  3. Yes….there would be a massive beeline to the capital…he would have to hide underground for the remainder of his life…as it should be. I really don’t think he realizes just how much people hate him!

  4. all i want to know is do they have the balls to stand behind that gun whenrounds are coming at them. IN OTHER WORDS, ARE THEY GONNA BE ABLE TO HANDLE A LIVE FIRE SITUATION WHERE THEY MIGHT NOT WALK AWAY

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