Left-wing Extremist Talking Points: The Hypocrisy of Hillary

Hillary's famous Doh! look, upon being caught in a lie
Hillary's famous Doh! look, upon being caught in a lie

We’ve witnessed it for decades, but it has only gotten worse over these past 8 years. The oh, so “tolerant” left telling we conservatives we are extremists, when the only extremes that have shown their despicable faces since Obama stepped into the limelight have been those of a left-wing Marxist insurgency. That’s what the bailouts were, a Marxist “redistribution of wealth.”

If we conservatives were extremists, you would know it. The public has not seen conservatives rioting in the streets, burning their neighborhoods, raping and killing everyone who doesn’t look like them. These are the antics of the left-wingers, the black privileged thugs who seem to be free to commit every sort of crime imaginable and do so with impunity. The difference herein is that we are intelligent enough to know that we must live in those neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods are what we make of them. Even a dog knows better than to defecate where it lives, but obviously the Liberal black privileged members of society have yet to learn that lesson. It all began with the infamous Watts riots of the 1960’s and in over 40 years, they still haven’t learned their lesson. They are reminiscent of a spoiled rotten child who does what they want with impunity and are awarded for doing it. If they were forced to live where they had taken a shit, it wouldn’t be long before they changed their ways.

We conservatives will fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms and we will do so to the death! For that we are called “extremists?”

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign responded angrily to Donald Trump’s comments on the Second Amendment Tuesday, pushing the false narrative that he had called for her assassination.

Here is what can be defined as extremism: Hillary Clinton and Joseph Biden called for the assassination of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. Yes, you read it right. And it was swept under the rug. Nowhere were they called left-wing extremists, ever.

“The only gun control problem we have is keeping guns out of the wrong hands. We need to make it illegal for a Democrat to own a firearm. Most criminals in this country are by definition, registered as Democrats, be they violent offenders or not, and almost all violent offenders (those using a weapon) are or have been at one time, registered Democrats. Add to this that it has been ascertained that Liberalism is a mental illness, and you have the perfect prerequisite for keeping guns out of the wrong hands. Yes, this is profiling and it WORKS.”

Are you beginning to see the problem here? Then there’s Hillary hypocrisy about being a Christian. She claims to be one to court the evangelical voters, but in almost the same sentence turns around and insults them. Granted, most people these days have a short attention span, if not short term memory loss, but this is getting ridiculous.

Hillary tweet about God








KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Hillary Clinton is Methodist, but she rarely talks about her faith on the campaign trail. Hillary Clinton praises racist Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood

You’ll have to forgive me here, but by Biblical definition, Hillary is no Christian. Her actions speak much louder than her words.

She supports abortion, praises the founder of Planned Parenthood, and embraced the KKK to the point she actually took their money. It behooves us all who are called by Christ to shake off any association with this witch and call her out for what she really truly is.

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