ACT for America National Conference September 6 – 7

Act For America ACTCON 2016 Event
Act For America ACTCON 2016 Event

Brigitte Gabriele has announced the Act for America National Conference September 6 – 7 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel; 2500 Calver St. NW at Connecticut Ave. in Washington, DC.

Brigitte Gabriele, Founder ACT For America
Brigitte Gabriele, Founder ACT For America

ACTCON 2016 is the organization’s  National Conference and Legislative Briefing  This is the nation’s largest national security grassroots event.

Brigitte invites you to join them, along with hundreds of other grassroots activists, as they rally just 60 days before the most important election of our lifetime.

What better time for patriots who love this country than to descend on Capitol Hill the days leading up to September 11th, the date that has defined and changed our nation, to remind our elected officials that national security and the protection of American lives should be their top priority.

What better time than this — for any American, concerned about any issue — to participate in such an impactful conference; especially one that will allow us to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire on the number one issue currently on the minds of Americans?

ACT for America’s mission is clear: Political correctness and cowardness has no place in America. America is a nation build on bravery, on freedom and on justice. We proudly stand strong on our Judeo-Christian foundation. We will not be silenced. We will not fail. We will ensure that America remains the brightest star shining on a hill over the world.

As much as September 11th was a defining moment for our nation, let ACTCON 2016 be your defining moment as a patriot.

If you attend just one conference, this is the one to go to. We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC this September! For a full schedule, visit now.

You may also visit the Facebook event listing for more information on lodging, tickets, etc., by clicking on the link below, and logging into Facebook.

Brigitte Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America

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