There truly are Knights left in the Kingdom.

There truly are Knights left in the Kingdom
There truly are Knights left in the Kingdom

Yes, there truly are Knights left in the Kingdom. Yes, Trump DID actually donate an 18 wheeler full of supplies to Louisiana! And it would have gone unnoticed if CNN of all people hadn’t picked-up on it and blasted it out to the world. Trump hadn’t intended to make any fanfare out of it. It wasn’t about politics, it was about helping his fellow Americans.  The day before Trump announced his intentions to tour flood-ravaged Louisiana, he put in motion plans to deliver a full 18 wheeler full of emergency supplies for victims of the disaster through Samaritan’s Purse, the organization headed by Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic organization.

CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin accidentally stumbled upon the story and aired it in a 90 second segment. We’re confident CNN won’t be airing it again. They’re not famous for airing anything that would put Trump in a positive light. We’re actually very surprised anything was reported on it by ANY member of the Lamestream Media, but especially not by the Clinton News Network. (CNN) Clinton News Network CNN

While Trump and VP select Mike Pence were visiting with Franklin Graham and members of the Samaritan’s Purse organization, the truck was being quietly unloaded at another location for immediate distribution to flood victims. Trump met with several families and comforted them and told them, “Stay strong, you’re going to rebuild.”

Security agents assigned to Trump have been very protective of him, which is a testament to how even they support him. We have been told that they are very nervous about people getting very close to him, but Trump himself has reassured them that “Everything will be OK.” Donald Trump is a true philanthropist. Soros hasn’t got a clue.
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Trump Donates An 18-Wheeler Worth Of Supplies For Louisiana Flood Victims

“You’re going to rebuild.” Trump consoles flood victims

There Truly are Knights left in the Kingdom!

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