Dr. Jim Garrow: Facebook’s Failure And a Three Round Loss For Obama

Dr. Jim Garrow
Dr. Jim Garrow

Guest Editorial by Dr. Jim Garrow
Facebook’s Failure And a Three Round Loss For Obama

Zuckerberg just suffered his first face plant. His satellite for a global presence of Facebook and “all the intelligence thats fit to gather” -treason against trusting people from every nation, blew up. Along with it is the lucrative back room deal struck with the CIA, NSA, a multitude of other agencies and the omnipresent and omniscient one – Bathhouse Barry himself.

Poor Zuckerberg just suffered a billion dollar loss. Don’t worry Zuckie, Bathhouse will put a billion dollar bandaid on it and order you a new one. Then the two of you can get back on your New World Order express and zoom along invading everyone’s privacy and stealing their data. Nothing to see here folks, just Zuckie and Barry collecting useless stuff, nothing important. Round Three lost.
Keep your eye out for the next round in the “Intelligence Wars”.

Round One was lost when Barry misplaced three nuclear warheads and their missiles. But one detonated in the deep ocean 560 miles southeast of Charleston North Carolina. Putin and I made sure that the world knew what was going on. But wait, there’s more, Round Two was another missile event, this time with players from Israel, China and North Korea. Yup, the lads in the far east sent up a missile from a Chinese launch pad with a North Korean nuke aboard. July 24th was the day and low and behold when the missile was going to reenter the atmosphere on July 27 on a course for the middle of the US of A, the Israelis shot it down with their “Star Wars” technology. Yup, old Ronald Reagan would be cheering in his coffin if he knew that someone went ahead and finished what he started.

While one American General was studying the manuals to take over our Missile Defense Shield command, he noticed that something was out of whack and when the aforementioned missile started on the trajectory towards the States he picked up the phone to see what the status was of the THAAD system. For some reason it wasn’t functioning (sabotage anyone?) and the missile would cause massive devastation across America if it wasn’t stopped. So our hero General only four days away from taking command of what he now knew to be a malfunctioning defence system called on his counterpart in Israel for help. Well the Israeli’s had been tracking this missile since its launch and knew what was up and as soon as Major General Rossi asked for help they destroyed the missile with their advanced weapons systems. The night sky was ablaze on July 27th with the reported meteorites burning up in the atmosphere. Round Two – loss for Obama.

The hero died for his audacity in stepping up and heroically doing what had to be done. It appears that we kill heroes who stand firm in Benghazi or in their homes protecting American interests. I lay it all at the feet of the fraud and traitor in the Oval Office. That is only some of “the rest of the story”.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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